Keynotes & Presentations

Stress is the new normal at work and at home.  Give your employees, members, conference attendees, and colleagues the chance to learn how to use yoga in the real-world as a tool to help them reduce stress, improve their concentration, become more creative, and build better relationships.  Add a yoga keynote presentation to your corporate retreat, wellness program, training day, or lunch session.  Kim will present on a topic that caters to your group or business so you can learn about yoga in a low pressure environment, and learn tools to lower stress at work.  Past events have included AGM’s, team-building events, fundraisers and corporate retreats.


Stress is Your Friend: The dirty word that can have your back.

Yoga for Real-Life: The missing toolset that can change your work and life.

Mindfulness at Work & Play: The way to better relationships, greater productivity, and overall grooviness.

FREE: Conference Yoga Program with Kim

Join Kim for a fun early morning yoga session at your next conference or workshop.  All yoga abilities are welcome and encouraged to attend.  At no additional cost, Kim offers all keynote clients the option of booking Kim to teach a pre-breakfast yoga session.  This option is guaranteed to awaken, energize, and kick off event day in a new and creative way – your attendees will thank you!


Kim works with professionals across Canada in corporate, government and association areas.

Past clients include: