Yoga Therapy Tip Quickie: Turtle

Your inner turtle

Savasana: Because you can never get too comfortable.

Corpse Pose, or Savasana, is a chance to turtle in a healthy way; turn down the noise and the suck, turn up the peace and the quiet.  Shut off your senses, go inside your shell, and enjoy the dark quiet space you’ve created for yourself.  Call it a cheap version of a sensory deprivation tank.  In yoga nerd speak we call this practicing Pratyahara.  Don’t let it fool you, Savasana is the hardest of all the yoga poses.

Use whatever props you need to get comfortable.  Comfort it key!  If you’re not happy the way you’re laying down you’ll never be able to rest mentally.  Use blankets, bolsters, zafus, or even a chair (to rest your shins on) to increase the coziness factor.  Below are two examples of prop usage.


Savasana with blankets and bolsters


Savasana B - cropped


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