#YourTurnChallenge Day 6: Tell us about a time when you surprised yourself.


The first time I road more than 100 km.  The second, third, and fourth times I road more than 100 km.

The time when I stopped on the side of my first Category 1 climb and cried.  I talked myself out of the ego-sucking siege yoga mantra-style and made it to the top.  Wild horses where there to greet me.

The time I asked for what I wanted.  And then did it again.  All of a sudden it had become a habit.  The funny thing is I ended up getting exactly what I needed.

The time I was vulnerable and told the truth about how I felt.  My gamble didn’t pay off to the outsider but inside I felt like a million bucks.

The time I did my first front squat at the gym in front of a bunch of strangers.  Who cares if I look like an idiot?

The time I hosted my first international yoga retreat on my own.   I’m sure I (almost) got more out of that trip than my guests.

The time I left the security of a regular day job.  I never dread getting out of bed in the morning.  A ‘Case of the Mondays’ and ‘Post-vacation Blues” are things of the past.

The time I said I would write a book and then did.   I plan on doing it again.

The time I walked away from it all.



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