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#YourTurnChallenge Day 3: What is something that I think should be improved?



(Some things in) the yoga industry.

I supposed that’s three things.  I apparently like things in 3s. (See yesterday’s post.)  The number 3 is apparently auspicious and good Feng Shui or design or something.

Let me be clear: I think you’re perfect as you are.  So am I.  Being my biggest self-critique has almost killed me in the past emotionally and mentally so I’m not into making anyone feel like they’re not good enough.  You are.

By improved I mean be more present.  Let’s take a collective vow right now to live in the moment, learn from but let go of the past, and stop anticipating the future.  Do you know how much more energy we’d have to use and to share?!  Do you know how much grief and self-inflicted pain we could avoid?  Oodles.

Where the yoga industry comes in, I think we teachers can do a much, much, much better job of teaching those in our wake about the true meaning of a yoga practice.  The funky poses get you to live in the now.  Meditation helps you gain insight into yourself so you feel the moment.  A focused breath work practice teaches us to concentrate on one thing when all our minds want to do is think about chocolate, unfounded worries, grocery lists, and sex.

So I vow to help you live right now and catch that magic moment before it slips away.  I urge other teachers do the same.  That would make for the very best yoga a teacher could share.



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