Special Post: Why You Should Support Your Joints

Here’s why you should support (yet another) cause.


Because I said so.


Isn’t that a good enough reason?

I’ve been a supporter of Power of Movement and the Arthritis Research Foundation since 2009.   The arthritis fundraiser and the cause are dear to me.  I’ve volunteered as Lead Instructor for the Calgary karma event every year except one and ran the darn thing several times.   I could spit out stats and patient profiles and reasons for why you should register and donate but I’m not going to do that.  Instead I’m going to go out on a limb by saying you should support the event because it’s in trouble.   The national-level mega yoga class which has been held every year since 2008 is having a hard go of it this year.  Not because the people running the event are any less capable, passionate, or dedicated but because life took over.  Turnover due to staff changes, life transitions, and moves across province have taken their toll.  Intellectual capital was lost. Relationships had to be rebuilt.  Progress on marketing the 2015 event has been slow.


This is why your should support the event.  Your joints deserve your love too.       


For my Calgary friends, you can register for POMYYC here; a $20 donation gets you in to the best show in town.   Want to join a rad team?  Consider mine: Team Yoga Ninjas.  Form your own team if you want.

For other cities, register here.  Can’t attend the event?  Research into arthritis, pain, and inflammation could still use your latte fund; donate here please and thank you.

Thanks for supporting a worthy cause close to my heart.  My brother, best friend, and countless clients and students living with arthritis and inflammatory conditions give you a virtual high-five too.



In the News. 

A group of friends and I struck a pose on behalf of the event March 5th, 2015 on CTV Calgary Morning Live.  If you missed the segment, you can see part of it here.

Below you can watch as Community Coordinator Candice Aceti and I talk POMYYC on the Global Calgary morning show March 6th, 2015.


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