Q&A: Lessons from bike from Olympian Zach Bell

A conversation from a bike about how to create your perfect life


On Day 1 of Tour de Cancervive last Wednesday I had the chance to ride with pro cyclist and two-time Olympian  Zach Bell.  When it was our turn to ride tandem together I took the opportunity to ask him what keeps him motivated to train.  His answer surprised me: he said he acts in a way that helps him create great life experiences for himself.  Zach works to reach goals and do things that end up being significant points in his life.   He trains to make memories and to do things that many others will never get the chance to do.

His words struck a cord.  How freeing would it be to work hard at something because we want to create great memories instead of stroking our egos?  What if we did things to create the best life possible for ourselves instead of doing something for the sake of impressing others?  Imagine the amount of pressure that would be off our shoulders if we thought of how we spent our time as ways to bring us joy instead of goals to achieve?

Wisdom from a bike: Create your life

How many of us think of our lives this way?  What would change in you if you did?  What experience would you want for yourself?  I think I’ll have to think up new ones for my life.  Dream big, work hard, live large.  To inspire you to get started, here’s a quote about cycling:


When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race. –H.G. Wells


P.S. The bike ride is over but you can still donate to Wellspring Calgary using this link.  Thanks for your support.  You’re helping to bring free programs to those living with cancer.

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