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Want to learn to meditate? A couple of weeks ago I sat down, literally, with public speaker, coach, and friend Michelle Cederberg to talk meditation.  The video was part of her Work-Life Recharge #53in17 Project, her project to share one video every week throughout 2017.   Each week she’ll share strategies, information and inspiration to help you live energetically, do better work, and get the most out of life!   In our video I bust meditation myths and give you pointers on how to start your own meditation practice.  No, they don’t include sitting like a monk for hours a day while you try not to think about thinking about not thinking.

You can watch the video here:



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Stay tuned for a second video launching in the coming weeks when Michelle and I talk mindfulness; the lessons involve wine and chocolate.  Until then, watch more of Michelle’s Work-Life Recharge Project here.


Meditate on This!

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