Quiet down

#YourTurnChallenge Day 4: Teach us something that you do well.


Écoutez-mois.  That’s what people are saying.

I have no choice but to listen.  I must do it well because people seem to gravitate to me like pet hair to black pants.  They share their hopes, fears, challenges, and dreams.  During private sessions I always set aside time to let my yogi get it all out, time be damned.  Some feel guilty about talking saying they feel they are “wasting their time and mine”.  I say it’s exactly what they need, it’s part of their yoga.   Then they hit the mat and instantly they quiet down.  Hard to talk when you’re focusing on Half-moon Pose.   A good ass kicking does wonders for getting a client out of their head and into the moment.

The trick is to listen to yourself.   Funny how we can often do things better for others than we can for ourselves.  So I work on listening to myself.  I meditate to hear.  I feel what my gutt is telling me.  Try it.


I’m listening.  Do you have any yoga-related questions, requests, desires?   Share your yoga dreams on my Facebook PageInstagram, or via email: info@kimmcneilyoga.ca.  If you dig this post, please share it using the nifty social media buttons above.



#LetYourIn #YogaNinja



#LetYogaIn #YogaNinja

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