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Yoga & Jazz Real yoga is like jazz; in order to teach and…

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Yoga Nidra: A starting point

Yoga Nidra: Learn the first step to a meditation practice known for…

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The Ego Loves Winter: A Story about Priorities

A Story About Winter, Cross-Training, Humility, and Priorities. Happy New Year! Winter has…

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Hang Tight: Yoga Traction Series

Happy Spines: How to Make and Use a Homemade Yoga Wall Traction,…

Fear and the Little Black Dress: Lessons from a Yoga workshop
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Fear and the Little Black Dress: Lessons from a Yoga Workshop

 Lessons from a yoga workshop I wanted to share lessons from a…

Start again, New Year or not
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Start again, New Year or not: Lessons from 2016

You can start over, no matter what day it is: My lessons…

Yoga for Runners Series - Hero Pose

Therapy Tip Thursday: Yoga for Runners

Yoga for Runners Series On May 28th, 2016 I ran my first half-marathon….

Breakfast Jar - Recipe
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Health Food Tastiness: Breakfast Jar

Layered Tastiness: The Breakfast Jar   Introducing my new favourite breakfast.  …

Rolling: Self-myofascial release - legs
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Yoga Therapy Tip Quickie: Roll It Out

Torture Yourself on Purpose: Roll Out Your Muscles to Stay Healthy &…

Yoga for PMS
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Therapy Tip Thursday: Yoga for PMS+

Yoga for Women with PMS and the People Who Love Them  …

Legs Up The Wall
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Yoga Therapy Tip: Legs, legs, legs, legs

Legs Up The Wall – Variations on a favourite   Too many…

Early morning meditations - sunrise, music for meditations
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Yoga Therapy Tip Quickie: Meditation Music

Set the scene for meditation with music by Moby   Moby is graciously making his…