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Special Post: A Tin Anniversary

I almost forgot about my anniversary.  Twice. Today is is my ten…

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#YourTurnChallenge Day 7: What are you taking with you from this Challenge?  …

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#YourTurnChallenge Day 6: Tell us about a time when you surprised yourself.  …

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A haiku

#YourTurnChallenge Day 5: What advice would you give for getting unstuck?   Getting…

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Quiet down

#YourTurnChallenge Day 4: Teach us something that you do well.   Écoutez-mois….

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The Very Best Yoga

#YourTurnChallenge Day 3: What is something that I think should be improved?…

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My 2-ish Part Answer

Welcome to Day 2 of the #YourTurnChallenge.   I have a two-part…

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A 7-day Yoga Blog Blitz

As an entrepreneur I’ve followed Seth Godin since August 2013.  Seth sends…

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Meditation is for nerds

Meditation is for nerds. You should be one. If you did not…

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The Arthritis Society’s Walk to Fight Arthritis

The Walk to Fight Arthritis is a fundraiser that raises money for research, educational…

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Happy Joints: Yoga for Arthritis Handbook

FINALLY!  A book made specifically for those living with arthritis. This isn’t…