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Advanced Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

For yoga teachers:

Yoga therapy trainings with Kim are for those teachers and therapists who want to be help their students and clients live better.  You’ll improve your teaching and your understanding of yoga as a therapy with specialty training in anatomy, physiology, yoga therapy, stress management, and meditation.   You’ll be better able to help your students because you’ll have the knowledge to adjust your teaching to anything situation.  These trainings will go way beyond what’s covered by basic teacher training programs.  Your confidence after working with Kim will increase and as a result, your students and clients will benefit by feeling better faster.

For healthcare professionals:

For dedicated students:

Improve your practice by learning more than you would from a traditional yoga class.  You’ll leave a training with Kim with an increased body awareness and confidence to be able to adjust your practice to any class you attend and to any home practice you take on.



NEW for 2017

YogaTheory Yoga Therapy Weekend Workshop

March 11-12, 2017

The YogaTheory Yoga Therapy Weekend Workshop will teach you the fundamentals of yoga therapy as Kim has been teaching them for over a decade.  You’ll learn healthy movement patterns, basic anatomy, and rules of biomechanics as they relate to yoga postures. Think of it as yoga deconstructed; you’ll walk away from the weekend knowing how you should and shouldn’t move in various yoga postures so that you can stay out of pain and reduce your pain, improve your flexibility and mobility, and feel less tension and strain in your body. Your yoga practice and body awareness will go from nothing to something-big!



Who should consider this training:

Teachers, healthcare professionals, and students

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Who should consider this training:

Yoga teachers, healthcare professionals

How to apply:

Kim accepts teachers into her mentorship program several times per year.  To find out about the next intake email us:



Happy Joints: Advanced Yoga Teacher Training for Arthritis

Learn how to help people living with arthritis and autoimmune conditions


Kim has taken her decade’s worth of teaching experience working with students with arthritis and autoimmune conditions and turned it into an advanced training program for teachers and health professionals.  With the almost 5 million Canadians and 53 million Americans living with arthritis and autoimmune disease as a teacher you need to know how to help people living with these conditions.  You’ll gain the confidence and know-how to be able to adjust a class or pose to any inflammatory condition and be able to use your training to adjust to any of your student’s needs.

Once you’ve completed this 25 hour training you’ll never have to ask a student to sit out part of a class again because you don’t know how to help them and are intimidated to try.  Your new skills will stand out from the crowd as an advanced teacher who knows how to welcome these students with open arms.

In this training you’ll learn:



Saturday from 9-6pm

Sunday from 9-5pm

To Register:

Email us to be added to the priority list:


$650 + GST


Teacher Training Programs:

Kim offers her arthritis program to several teacher training programs in and outside Calgary.  Email us if you’d like to host a training at your studio as a stand-alone training or as a component to your current teacher training program: