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Practice online classes with Kim on YogaVibes

As the first Canadian and Iyengar-based instructor on YogaVibes, Kim is proud to be part of a community that brings high-quality online classes to you no matter where your are in the world.  If you live in another city or can’t make it to one of Kim’s classes, or if you want more yoga, YogaVibes is the answer.

The best part: free online yoga classes!   Use the promo code kimmcneil1month when you sign up and receive one free month on

Plus, enjoy free yoga vignettes and previews of online classes.


YogaVibes Classes:

Rockin’ Hatha Yoga I (Beginner)

Rockin’ Hatha Yoga II (Intermediate)

Arthritis and joint-specific classes:

Classes are not for old people but for people who feel older than they are.

Yoga for Arthritis – The Upper Body

Yoga for Arthritis – The Lower Body