Relaxation Podcast

Calm Down Meditation Podcast Series

Find calm through six podcasts of meditation and breath work practices that will help you tune out the noise, relax and find your inner zen. The Calm Down meditation podcast series is perfect for you if you feel stress or anxiety on a regular basis, have problems falling asleep, or if you often feel tired or burned out.

Podcast topics

  1. Meditation 101: No, You Don’t Have to Stop Thinking to Meditate.
  2. Talk Yourself Out of It: Using Mantra Meditation to Stay Calm
  3. Be Present: Why The Now is The Only Place You Need to Be
  4. Relaxation 101: How a Deep Breath Can Be Your #1 Ally
  5. Intro to Pranayama: How a Breath Can Put More Energy Into Your Day


*Price includes the entire series of five – 30 minute podcasts. All prices in Canadian dollars.  GST is 5%.