Ninja Yoga T-shirt for Men

NEW!  Your new favourite t-shirt.

What is ‘Yoga Ninja’?  Ninja Yoga is a philosophy, a state of mind and a metaphor. ‘Ninja’ was a nickname given to Kim years ago.  ‘Ninja Yoga’ has grown to mean high quality yoga instruction that’s adaptable to anyone. It’s an approach to teaching yoga as a therapy that gets back to its roots while still making sense to your day-to-day life. It’s about learning what yoga really is about, having fun with your yoga practice, working hard, staying safe, and pushing outside your comfort zone.

Tell everyone you are a yoga ninja.  The Ninja Yoga t-shirt will become your favourite shirt.  Perfect for layering under a sweatshirt, hoodie, or other sweater, the t-shirt is made from exceptionally-soft fabric in a style that fits any ninja physique.


$29.99 + GST and shipping ($5.99)

Order using the button below or send an e-transfer to info@kimmcneilyoga.ca for $31.49.   Please include your size when ordering via email.

Only 1 shirt (XL) left!



Fabric: Tri-blend. 50% poly 25% cotton, 25% rayon, 40 single 3.8 oz.


Sizing chart*:

XS Extra-small chest to fit 31″-34″

S Small chest to fit 34″-37″

M Medium chest to fit 38″-41″

L Large chest to fit 42″-45″

XL Large chest to fit 46″-49″