Meditation Podcast

Party in My Head Meditation Podcast

In Party in My Head, part two of the Calm Down series of yoga meditation podcasts, we talk about one of the keys to living a healthier life,  and that’s happiness.  You’ll learn the tools to become present, escape negative thought patterns and increase your happiness quotient.

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Podcast topics:

  1. Breath Awareness:  Why Learning the Mechanics of Breathing is Groovy.
  2. Pranayama 201:  Control Your Breathing to Sleep, Work, and Play Better.
  3. Yoga Nidra:  All You Need to Know About Yogic Sleep.
  4. Meditation 201:  Use Mindfulness to Break Your Regular Thought Patterns.
  5. Talk Yourself Out of It, Part 2: Change Your Mindset.


*Price includes the entire series of five – 30 minute podcasts. All prices in Canadian dollars.  GST is 5%.