Happy Joints: Yoga for Arthritis Book

The Happy Joints Book: The Story


SOLD OUT.  The 2nd Edition of the book will be released Fall 2017.  Pre-order your copy today.

This isn’t a book for old people, it’s for people who feel older than they are.

I had been hearing too many stories about how arthritis had reduced the quality of life of my family, friends, and students.  Their stories were all too similar: they went undiagnosed for years, they felt older than they were, they had given up on doing the things they loved to do, and they were frustrated because their bodies were no longer working for them; their physical and mental health had gone down the tubes.  When it came to yoga, they felt left out of classes and misunderstood by many teachers.

I knew yoga could help them feel better.  I saw the changes made in my client’s bodies.  I heard stories from my clients and complete strangers about how yoga helped improve their lives.  I decided there should be a book written just for them, something they could use at home every day to help empower them to manage pain, stiffness, and depression. I got on the job of creating such a book.


What You Get:


If the quality of your life has dropped because of chronic pain and stiffness, this book can help you feel human again.   Many people with arthritis find yoga too difficult or frustrating.  ‘Happy Joints’ is a specifically-designed program to empower you to take your wellbeing into your own hands by teaching you modified yoga poses to help you gain strength, flexibility and mobility.


I hope this handbook does what I know it can: help you feel better and live happier,



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