8th Annual R&R Weekend Yoga Retreat – Fall Edition


October 13-15, 2017


This spring, visit the majestic Town of Banff, named by National Geographic as one of the Top Places Your Need to Visit in 2017.


Invest in yourself with a yoga retreat in Banff National Park, Alberta.   Kim will be hosting guests again in 2016 at her 8th Annual R&R Weekend Yoga Retreat, one of the most popular, longest-running yoga retreats in Alberta.   You will be well taken care of with a weekend of yoga, meditation, laughter (mostly at Kim), and delicious food.

Your retreat includes:

Package options*:

*Superior rooms have king beds, beautiful views, and an additional sitting area.


Have you been a guest on one of my previous retreats? You’ll be gifted to a special rate.  Email me if you’d like to join me on retreat again: info@kimmcneilyoga.ca.


To Register:

Reserve your spot today by filling out a registration form and returning it to info@kimmcneilyoga.ca.  Your spot is secured once we’ve received a $400 non-refundable deposit payable via e-transfer to info@kimmcneilyoga.ca or PayPal*.



*All prices in Canadian dollars.  GST is 5% (not included).  Prices include Tourism Levy Tax (4%).   Alcoholic beverages and massages not included.   A service fee of $20 applies to deposits and balances paid by PayPal.  PayPal payments do not require a PayPal account.  


Get a feel for the flow of the weekend by viewing the retreat itinerary here.  Please note the times are subject to change.


“Thank you so much for this weekend.  This was my first yoga retreat so I came in not knowing quite what to expect.  I’m thankful that you asked me to bring a journal – I’m not very good at journaling.  I tend to keep all that “stuff” in my head..  Journalling this weekend was was a beginning that I wish to keep up.  I discovered it really does get me out of my “monkey mind” (thanks for that term).  This weekend strengthened my spirit and nourished my mind.  It was simply awesome and I will see you next year.”

– Kathy, AB

“I really enjoyed the flow of the retreat and the variety between practices.  Venue was great to – easy to get to and great food.  Very nice to meet you too. (Stay positive.)”

– Chantal, AB

“The weekend was rejuvenating, refreshing, and relaxing.  All the classes were great, loved all the cues to the poses.  The purpose of the weekend was exactly to reconnect with myself and I feel that was exactly what happened.  So much happened from talks with other guests, hearing their views and ideas of how we live life.  The cooking class was magnificent!  Mish was so knowledgeable and letting us take over the cooking was good.  Easing into the (yoga) poses seemed to work for all the ladies.  You made every level feel accepted.  I loved that you walked around reviewing each person to be sure the pose was done safely.  Thank you!!”

– Angie, Calgary, AB

“Thank you for a wonderful weekend.  I appreciated all your professionalism and spirit.  Your time and energy is motivational.  I enjoyed the pace of the program and time for self-reflection throughout the day.  I would attend another retreat by you in another location (Bali).”

– Corrina, AB

“Great weekend, great location.  I really appreciated how you showed me the adjusted poses to accommodate my knees and back.   This helped me to participate more than I thought I could.  It was great cooking with a chef and learning very practical cooking tips.”

– Betty, Calgary, AB

“I really enjoyed your style of teaching and pace of yoga.  The facility was fantastic, so beautiful.  Massage was a nice added touch. ”

– Anonymous, May 2015

“Fabulous time.  I do not get a lot of girl time so this part of the weekend was important to me.  Kim, you are a fabulous instructor and a cool/funny/passionate person.  I learned so much about the practice of yoga.  Structure and scheduling of classes was good.  Meditative yoga is new to me and I’ll be pursuing more meditation practices now that I’ve dipped my toes in.  Venue was fantastic.  I will see you again!!”

– Anonymous, May 2015

“Thank you for a wonderful weekend.  I really enjoyed your yoga and meditation sessions.  I liked learning how to properly do the poses and recognizing (feeling) what were the proper muscles I should be using.  The food was delicious, especially the (forno) pizza, and the hosts were so engaging and welcoming.”

– Anonymous, May 2015

“Great weekend.  Good, detailed instruction – enough for beginners.  Started our slowly and built to the last day.  Good attention to watching out for potential injuries.  Relaxing.  Great food.  Good location.  Nice accommodations and food.  Cooking class was fun.”

– Anonymous, May 2015

“Really appreciated that (Kim) broke the positions and poses down and explained them step by step.  I learned so many new yoga poses and gained more confidence in my skills.  enjoyed meeting all the ladies and getting to know them all well.  Only con – weekend was too short!  It went by too fast.  One more full day would be awesome.  All in all a great positive experience!  Thank you!!”

– Anonymous, May 2015

“I can’t say enough!!  Wonderful hosts. Wonderful yoga. Wonderful fellowship.  Wonderful weekend!!”

– Jill, AB

“Great weekend! Loved that (Kim) explained poses and classes weren’t too intense.  Thank you for everything you taught and explained.  I would definitely come back!”

– Alyssa, AB

“This was my first yoga retreat and will not be my last.  I apprecizated the time you took with each of us to ensure we got the correct understanding and poses.  This was a wonderful experience and really forced me to step out of my comfort zone.  Thank you, Namaste!”

– Shandy, Calgary, AB

“What an awesome weekend!  Fantastic weekend! Beautiful venue!  Very memorable!”

– Gail, Calgary, AB

“Awesome. :)”

– Brandy, Calgary, AB

“Great classes, awesome venue and food, wonderful instruction. I look forward to more classes.”

– Alain, Calgary, AB

“Thank you for the weekend.  Even though parts of my body didn’t want to do certain things I still really enjoyed it and feel like I will continue to do many parts of (yoga) going forward.”

– Linda, AB

” Awesome weekend! Thank you for being so attentive to each individual’s needs.”

– Niki, AB

“Positive weekend. My idea of “what” yoga was (is) was completely “wrong”.  I felt good coming (to the retreat).  I CAN do yoga.”

– Bonnie, AB