Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga and yoga therapy

Are you ready to invest in yourself?   Private yoga and yoga therapy with Kim offers you the personalized you deserve and that you simply can’t get from a studio.  Private session mean you get personalized attention and a program designed for your needs and goals, an unintimidating vibe, a schedule that suits yours, one-on-one attention you can’t get from a group class, and a relationship between teacher and student built on trust that will help you feel better faster.

Yoga therapy is a specialized approach to yoga that will help you get rid of body tension and discomfort, improve your mobility, and treat the pain that you may have been living with for years.  A stand-alone therapy or the perfect complement to physiotherapy, massage therapy, or acupuncture, yoga therapy helps you to build the body awareness you just can’t get from traditional yoga classes.  The end result is a body that moves better, feels better, and serves you better.