“I want to be like you someday.”

World Mental Health Day.

A story for World Mental Health Day.

I recently wrote a deeply personal piece for the Calgary Counselling Centre.    (Yes, yogis can go through tough times, too. )  I haven’t shared the story yet beyond agreeing to have it up on the Centre’s blog, it was too scary of an idea.  As in, the thought of sharing it made me want to throw up.  Besides, how many people read their blog anyways?  I’d rather not think about it.

Today I felt the need to put it out there, fear or no fear.   If you can’t be vulnerable and honest about what you’re going through on World Mental Health Day when can you, eh?  Time to down a glass of wine and click ‘Publish’.

My hope is that my story can help someone else.

You can read, “I want to be like you someday”, here.


The Card

*The card from the story.

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