The Little Wonder Woman

A story about Wonder Woman, cowboys boots & throwing punches


Today is International Women’s Day.

I can’t help but reminisce about my younger self on this day dedicated to women. I used to get up early Saturday mornings, dress up in my mom’s cowboy boots, and run around our house unabated in my underwear pretending to be Wonder Woman. (For the record, I don’t do that anymore.) I learned to throw air punches. I was confident. I saw limitless possibility. I often wonder where that fearless little girl went. I have an idea.

I received, and perceived, the wrong messages about what was important in life; getting straight A’s, having a traditional secure career, having people like me and finding a relationship.  When none of those things worked out the way I had planned I fell into an emotional nose dive in my invisible plane.  I become fearful of doing anything because if I couldn’t make those things happen, how the hell could I make anything happen?  At the same time, what I feared most was being on my deathbed alone and regretting not living the life I wanted to live.


“If everybody was satisfied with himself, there would be no heroes”
― Mark Twain


Decades later, I’m finally pulling up the nose of the plane and leveling out.  I’ve realized what I really value are things that I’ve managed to, until now, not give enough of my attention to.  To love what you do and who you are are very different from grades and being in a relationship.  I know now that working to mastering a craft, making people laugh, being loved and putting my priorities first are a hell of a lot more important.

I used to think heros were made of steal, had armour and flew around in invisible planes saving people. Now I know they’re much less obvious than that. True heroes aren’t flashy, they lead by example.  I hope I can be your example.  Say no, say yes, live your life regardless of how society thinks you should live it and for f*cks sake, do what you love.


Overheard at the 2018: Oscars: “(Wonder Woman Film) let women feel what every white man feels every time he sees a movie.”


Thank you, Wonder Woman, for showing a little girl in her 40’s that even though we might not be able to always save the world we can still save yourself.

x Kim

P.S. I’ve watched the WW movie three times already, once in French; I still love it.  My study of air punches is coming along nicely, too.

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