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Yoga Nidra: A starting point

Yoga Nidra: Learn the first step to a meditation practice known for…

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The Ego Loves Winter: A Story about Priorities

A Story About Winter, Cross-Training, Humility, and Priorities. Happy New Year! Winter has…


Wanderlust, Mindfulness, & Road Trips

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J. R. R. Tolkien…

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Wine, Chocolate, and Mindfulness: A Q&A

Mindfulness can up your (chocolate-eating) game   What the heck does mindfulness…

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Meditate on This!

Meditate Like a Pro   Want to learn to meditate? A couple…

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Walking Meditations, Horses, & Fathers

What do walking meditations have to do with horses and fathers? Son,…

Early morning meditations - sunrise, music for meditations
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Yoga Therapy Tip Quickie: Meditation Music

Set the scene for meditation with music by Moby   Moby is graciously making his…

31 Days of Mindfulness
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31 Days of Mindfulness: A Challenge

Practice Mindfulness Every Day in January Learn How Not To Be a Jerk…