Wood Forum 2016
Event, Pain Management, Yoga for Arthritis

McCaig Institute Wood Forum: Arthritis & You

The McCaig Institute organizes an annual free public education event called the Wood…

31 Days of Mindfulness
31 Days of Mindfulness, Event, Meditation

31 Days of Mindfulness: A Challenge

Practice Mindfulness Every Day in January Learn How Not To Be a Jerk…

Power of Movement Calgary - Charity Yoga Class for Arthritis.
Event, Yoga for Arthritis

6th Annual Power of Movement Calgary

Increase your karma – do yoga to beat arthritis at Power of…

Olympian and cyclist Zack Bell
Event, Q&A

Q&A: Lessons from bike from Olympian Zach Bell

A conversation from a bike about how to create your perfect life   On Day…

Iyengar yoga
Event, Tips

A Yoga Weekend Workshop with Shirley Daventry-French

Lead by example with your yoga It had been eight years since…

Theo Fleury
Event, Q&A

Q&A: A brief conversation with Theo Fleury

Everyone has a story.   I went to my second Social Media…

The Arthritis Society
Event, Yoga for Arthritis

Special Event: Yoga for Arthritis

Here’s to happy joints! Hosted by The Arthritis Society, this free community…

Marlene Mawhinney
Event, Tips

Special Post: Wisdom from a Yoga Workshop

Coming Sunday, April 26th, 2015.  Check back then!   KM ox

Tin can
Event, News

Special Post: A Tin Anniversary

I almost forgot about my anniversary.  Twice. Today is is my ten…

yoga arthritis fundraiser power of movement
Event, Yoga for Arthritis

Special Post: Why You Should Support Your Joints

Here’s why you should support (yet another) cause.   Because I said…

Maui sunset
Event, News, Tips

Meditation is for nerds

Meditation is for nerds. You should be one. If you did not…

Walk to Fight Arthritis
Event, News, Yoga for Arthritis

The Arthritis Society’s Walk to Fight Arthritis

The Walk to Fight Arthritis is a fundraiser that raises money for research, educational…