A 7-day Yoga Blog Blitz

As an entrepreneur I’ve followed Seth Godin since August 2013.  Seth sends out a newsletter every single day to his followers.  Do the math, that’s lot of newsletters.  I double-checked: I have 523 of Seth’s newsletters saved in my Gmail account, 501 of which are ‘starred’ as one’s that were important to me.  I’m exaggerating but rest assured there’s a great deal of good stuff coming in to my inbox every day.

Late  last week Seth shared a post called Getting unstuck (a one week challenge).  The Coles Notes was that Winnie Kao was hosting a mutual support blog sprint called Your Turn Challenge to encourage others to ship their ideas.  As the proud owner of a new and highly underappreciated blog I figured what the hell.  With the whole slew of ideas for posts I had already written down a 7-day blogging streak should be easy, right?  Famous last words.

Check back every day from Monday Jan 19 – Sunday Jan 25, 2015 for a new post by moi.  Heck, keep following this blog after Sunday too.

Here we go…


Day 1: Why am I doing the Your Turn Challenge?

  • To help people understand what this thing called yoga is really about and how it can help them live better.
  • To empower others to be more confident, healthy, and happy.
  • To share my personal philosophy and thoughts on yoga.  My real opinionn on how to make the yoga industry better.
  • To get uncomfortable and to challenge myself to write daily.  Quickly.  I was an English tutor in college for god’s sake, you’d think I would be able to write a 500 word blog post in less than 5 hours without a typo.
  • To push myself to ship.


Get involved in my challenge.  Share your questions on yoga on my Facebook PageInstagram, or via email: info@kimmcneilyoga.ca  If you dig this post, please share it using the nifty social media buttons above.

Check back tomorrow for Day 2,


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