What is Ninja?

Ninja Yoga is a philosophy, a state of mind and a metaphor. ‘Ninja’ was a nickname given to Kim years ago.  ‘Ninja Yoga’ has grown to mean high quality yoga instruction that’s adaptable to anyone. It’s an approach to teaching yoga as a therapy that gets back to its roots while still making sense to your day-to-day life. It’s about learning what yoga really is about, having fun again with your yoga practice, working hard, staying safe, and pushing you out of your comfort zone.

Kim brings over a decade of experience to the creation and customization of yoga programs specific to the person. Whether it’s a private session, a retreat, or a corporate event, Kim builds yoga programs that help her students learn practical ways to use yoga to feel better faster.

Yoga is more than fancy poses and lycra, it is a way of life that can help you feel better and live better. Let yoga into your life with Kim as your teacher.

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