What is Yoga Therapy?

My life has always mirrored my teaching.  The loss of a loved one to cancer went all too perfectly with me being the teacher of a research-based yoga program for those with cancer.  My young family members and friends diagnosed with arthritis inspired me to create a yoga program for them so that they felt included instead of excluded.  My personal experience with burnout and anxiety brought me to Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and meditation.   I still haven’t figured out where the cat ownership fits into the mix so I’ll leave the catoga to the other experts.  I can say having a dog taught me about unconditional love, detachment from stuff, and forgiveness.

Yoga is not about fancy poses and lycra, it’s a way of life that can help you feel and live better.  Yoga should heal, not hurt.  Let yoga into your life; I can help.

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Greece Soul Yoga Retreat

Greece Soul Retreat

Invest in yourself with a soulful Greece yoga retreat May 14-20, 2018…

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